Cleaning and maintaining your power tools, like other valuable items, is critical to extending their usefulness and lifetime. “A bad workman blames his tools,” as the adage goes. That is, in most cases, the only thing that stands between the appropriate materials and equipment and a task well done is the person performing the work. Power equipment performance is essential for safely and correctly completing the tasks at hand. However, if your equipment is not maintained correctly, it is much more likely to fail due to dirt accumulation.

Tips For Cleaning Your Power Tools

Give your tools and equipment some TLC to ensure that they continue to operate correctly and safely for the coming years. After each use, you should clean your instruments with a more comprehensive deep cleaning, maybe once-twice a year. Proper lubrication may assist avoid component deterioration, which can cause other parts to wear out prematurely. Whether you’re cleaning a new tool or an old one from a yard sale, these tips for power tool maintenance will have your power tools going to look and operating their best.

  • Get Rid of The Dust!

Unless you have a professional-grade dust collecting system, your power equipment contains dust—somewhere. Suck up as much as you can with a shop vacuum before cleaning up the vents with compressed air. It may be beneficial to run the tool. Spray around all moving components, such as blades, arbours, drill chucks, and so on. Clean out moulded plastic or PVC components using a wet cloth. It is the best way to clean power tools.

  • Disposable Components Should Be Replaced or Sharpened as Needed

Examine your instrument to ensure that all abrasives but also blades are in good working order. Remove the abrasives, clean the metal components with mineral spirits, and then reinstall them. Examine your blades as well as bits for chipping and sharpness. Replace or sharpening planer and jointer blades as needed, and replace any worn belts.

servicing power tools

  • Always Use Approved Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning power equipment, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes using the cleaning goods and procedures that have been suggested. In addition, servicing your power tools properly helps keep them in excellent condition for a more extended period of time.

  • Before Storage, Dry the Tool

You haven’t finished cleaning until you’ve dried the equipment. Moisture may degrade your tool more quickly than you realize. It is critical to dry the equipment with such an old towel, exceptionally if the power cable has been cleaned. You don’t want to harm yourself by utilizing a dripping cable. Allow the tool to dry for 24 hours or more if feasible before reusing it.