As you are aware, both drivers and bits may be bought alone or in sets. To develop a substantial screwdriver fastener collection, we suggest investing in a decent bit set. Having all of the screw bit types on hand means that you’re prepared for the broad range of fasteners you’re likely to encounter. Not only do you even have to deal with a broad range of screw bit types as well as fasteners, but so many also come in a number of sizes. Using the correct screwdriver bit kinds for their respective applications guarantees that the fasteners are not damaged. It also has the effect of speeding up the job. Keep this in mind while you search for the best screwdriver set to handle the plethora of screws as well as fasteners on the worksite.

Types Of Screwdriver Bits

To choose the right screwdriver bit from different types of screw heads, the following is the guide to screwdriver bit sets to choose from:

  • Slotted

Although slotted screws are indeed the original screw heads, they are no longer as popular as they’ve ever been. From one point of the screw head to the other, a slotted screw drive might have one straight line recessed. These screw heads need the use of a bit with a flat blade tip and the appropriate size.

screw head

  • Torx

A Torx screw head is recessed with a six-pointed star design. They are frequently found in electrical gadgets, but they are also being utilized in various other applications. To deal with one of these, you’ll need a Torx bit for your screwdriver.

  • Torx Plus

The Torx Plus screwdriver bit is a relatively recent screwdriver bit design. It advances the standard Torx design because it enables greater torque to be delivered even at high speeds. This is possible because the Torx plus allows for more significant contact between both the screw head as well as the driver.

  • Screwdrivers In the Shape of a Hexagon

Hexagon screwdrivers (also known as hex drivers) have had the same form as an Allen key. They are commonly found in flat-pack furniture and fit into screws having 6-sided hexagonal openings in their heads.

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  • Nutspinner Screwdrivers

The name gives it away: nut spinner screwdrivers fasten and loosen hexagonal screws and bolts. They may be helpful in places where using a wrench or even spanner would be inconvenient.

  • Screwdrivers With Slots

Slotted screwdrivers (also termed flat-headed screwdrivers) are the oldest and most basic kind, with a straight blade that fits into single-slotted screws.

  • Phillips’s Screwdrivers

Phillips’s screwdrivers feature an X-shaped head that fits into Phillips-headed screws and will not slide out when turned. They are self-centering and have a higher torque capacity than slotted types.