Plexiglass, the general term for acrylic sheet, is a very tough material with almost unlimited uses. This kind of plastic sheeting has exceptional strength and flexibility, as well as a wide range of benefits. Given the strength of plexiglass, it seems to reason that cutting it would need the use of specialist equipment. In fact, however, this is not the case. Instead, thin plexiglass may be cut to fit the requirements of a variety of DIY projects with the appropriate home equipment. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you want to work with this beautiful material.

Ways To Cut Plexiglass

cut acrylicFortunately, there are many approaches to cut acrylic or plexiglass sheets. Some methods are faster and more straightforward than others; nevertheless, the cost of blades varies depending on the technique used. You can cut plexiglass with a jigsaw and also using other methods, out of which some are discussed below:

  • By Hand

If cost is your main issue, cutting your sheet of whole plexiglass by hand will most likely be your best choice. The practice of completing it by hand is referred to as “scoring.” When cutting glass, this is also a popular technique. This technique involves the user cutting the plexiglass with a tiny instrument with a sharp edge. To develop a weak spot in the glass, pass the scoring corner of the tool over it multiple times. The plexiglass will acquire a noticeable line after many passes. At this moment, carefully align the weak spot with the side of a table and push down. If you measured the plexiglass correctly, it would snap along the scored line.

  • Make Use of a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is similar to a bandsaw in appearance, but it is shorter but instead cuts in an up-and-down continuous motion. You can create straight and round cuts using a jigsaw. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice to cut a particular shape or circular piece from a plexiglass sheet. To cut plexiglass, use an uncovered blade having fine teeth. Keep a few spare blades on hand in case you have to change one while cutting. The jigsaw will need an aperture to fit through into a plexiglass sheet, so begin by drilling a hole big enough for the blade to pass through using a drill and masonry bit. Next, push the saw blade into the hole, bring it full speed, and gently push the jigsaw through the sheet.