Raised in a middle-class family in Jacksonville, Florida, John Eaves learned the value of hard work, education and service from a young age.  John’s grandfather, Cecil Reginald Eaves immigrated to the United States from Jamaica with the dream of becoming a doctor and helping people, but back then life was not easy for a black, Jewish man. He faced racism, religious discrimination and financial trouble, but, despite, these obstacles he raised a large family instilling the values of hard work, faith and serving the community. 


John’s Uncle, Reginald Eaves, became the first black police chief of Atlanta in 1974 and later became a Commissioner of Fulton County. His father John Henry Eaves Sr. was an academic Dean. His mother, Evelyn, is a retired librarian of the Duval County Public School System.


Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather, father and uncle, John has dedicated his life to learning and servitude. John believes government should be beholden to its people. He has an established track record of listening to his constituents and working with leaders of all parties to advance policies that adds value to the lives of others. 


John is a devoted father to his two grown children Isaac and Keturah and lives in Gwinnett. He is a self-proclaimed “news junkie,” an unapologetic Braves fan and enjoys experiencing other cultures through his travels.



Dr. John Eaves graduated from Morehouse College in 1984 where he was molded, nurtured and challenged as an African American man.  He was the consummate scholar-athlete, serving as the captain of the football team his senior year, while majoring in mathematics. John attributes his experience at Morehouse for igniting the fire within him to aspire toward a career and a life of service. Continuing his pursuit of education, John enrolled in Yale University to complete his master’s degree in religion in 1987.  A life-long scholar, Dr. John Eaves was subsequently awarded his doctorate degree in Educational Administration from The University of South Carolina. 


The recipient of two Fulbright Scholarship and the former Director of the Atlanta Regional Office of the Peace Corps, John has traveled the world extensively on missions of both humanitarianism and personal growth.



For over a decade, John has been a trusted leader of Georgians, working to bring opportunity to his constituents through advancing policies that stimulate economic growth, reduce crime, and bring social and financial security to an ethnically and religiously diverse population. 


In 2007, Dr. John Eaves was elected to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners where he led the largest county in the state of Georgia, encompassing 15 cities and 1.1 million residents. John was re-elected to this role for three terms. As the Commissioner of Fulton County, John championed efforts to save Grady Hospital and pass the first ever transportation referendum in Fulton County.


As the elected Chairman, John was known as a thoughtful, fair-minded and ethical leader who listened to and acted for his constituents.  John advocated for marital equality, established the Brother’s Keepers initiative to minimize the arrest rate of boys of color, advocated for HIV education and treatment, pushed for meaningful criminal justice reform.